Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday Favorites: is it Christmas yet?

This Friday could not come soon enough! I need a little weekend in my life! I only have six weeks left of my teaching internship - how is that possible? It is going by so fast! As much as I am exhausted, I will be so sad to leave my kiddos!

1. October 11th was International Day of the Girl and guess what? I had no clue! I am really good at staying on top of major holidays but I am so not good at keeping track of the little days in between! Beyoncé released a video called 'Freedom' to celebrate and encourage girls. I've attached it above because I love it! I love the dance moves these tiny girls pull - they are precious!

2. I've known about Teachers Pay Teachers forever. I've long known that it has some amazing teaching resources, but I never knew that it has the most incredible crafting and graphic design stuff! I have found so many fun backgrounds and clip art pieces for free on Teachers Pay Teachers. But the find that I am most excited about - fonts! I have been able to download so many beautiful (& free) fonts on Teachers Pay Teachers! I cannot get enough, I browse through all the time!
3. I often get asked why I love cooking & baking so much and I think it's because of what I was exposed to when I was younger. I have two parents who are such good cooks and always make being in the kitchen fun. The kitchen is totally our gathering place - the music is loud and the food is too good to resist! I love that my family puts good food first. Last Sunday, my family had club sandwiches for dinner. I love that my dad made this meal special with the 'restaurant like' club sandwiches and my mom added her touch with the homemade fries! Meals are so often a collaborative effort around here!
4. '65 days until what?' you ask... 65 days until Christmas!! And how am I supposed to wait!? I check this little ticking countdown multiple times a day and I will the numbers to move a little faster! I am so excited for all things Christmas! In the meantime, I've taken to listening to Christmas music pretty much all the time. My Spotify is in full Christmas mode!

5. My family is getting family photos done this weekend! It has been awhile since we've had a formal family photo taken - like 8 years! We take pictures together all of the time but we don't often get them done professionally! This weekend we are going to a local park to meet with a photographer and have some shots taken! We had several different color palettes on my mind, but we decided on denim & earth tones - we're going to let the Fall colors be our pop of color. Now, I have to decide what to wear within that palette... any suggestions? I'll be sure to update you on the whole process!

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Have a great weekend!

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