Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A Takeover by the Bean

Today, I am not blogging - I just couldn't do it! I got home from my classes yesterday and I really just wanted to lie on the floor, I felt so sick. I am so lucky that the Bean my mom and said they would write a blog for me to post. I have to say, I was thrilled until I found out what the Bean wanted to post about... SLIME! ugh! I am not a fan of slime. And by not a fan, I mean, there is pretty much nothing I dislike more, but the Bean loves it! So, I tucked myself into bed at 7:00 and my mom helped sweet Bean write a blog about slime. Enjoy...
Today we have a guest appearance from the bean and her momma. Kenzie is feeling under the weather so we offered to write a blog post for her today. We decided to write to you about slime because it is all the rage in our house. If you were to visit our art table in the basement you would find at least 4 containers of it at all times. It’s a bit like a fidget spinner in that it gives the bean something to do with her hands while we’re watching Gilmore Girls! 
Kenzie thinks slime is gross, so we are getting some pleasure around submitting a post on the topic!
The bean describes slime as “activated glue that is stretchy, sticky and satisfying”. She likes making it as much as she likes playing with it and she has tried several different recipes. We will share her favorite recipe here with you today. 

  1. 1 cup of White glue (the bean says Elmers is the most trustworthy brand, but you can use any other that has PVA in it. What is PVA you ask? I asked the same question, so we looked it up. It stands for Poly Vinyl Alcohol – and Kenzie says this is probably the kind of glue you don’t want to inhale. The bean says that other glue doesn’t activate as well).
  2. 1⁄2 cup of Laundry detergent and use less here if you want it to be “melty and stretchy”.
  3. Hand soap (about a teaspoon - you can add more if you want more stretch)
  4. 2 drops of food coloring of whatever color tickles your fancy.

A little disclaimer on the measurements for this recipe. The bean has become a bit like a bread baker - she goes more by feel than by precision. When I asked her about amounts, the bean replied it depends how much slime you want and the kind of texture you are hoping for. We are putting this recipe out there without any guaranties and encourage you to let go of your head a little (or a lotta) and let your sense of touch guide you. 

Enjoy and let us know how your experiments go. 

Thank you so much to my mama and my little sister for taking over today! I will do my best to be back tomorrow! I have the most delicious orange and blueberry loaf to share! Thank you so so much for reading! 

I hope you have a wonderful day!

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