Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Goodbye Gifts

Last week, I showed you this picture and told you that I was finishing my internship by spreading delivering some fun gifts around the school! Today, I am telling you what is hidden in those fun packages!

I made this t-shirt for my cooperating teacher on my cricut. The theme for her gifts was 'inspire' because she inspired me big time! So, her MudLove bracelet below if the one that says inspire! I was really happy with how this t-shirt turned out! I love how simple and elegant it is and I especially love the glitter red heart because glitter makes everything better! :)
Then, I went a little nuts with the MudLove bracelets, but really, these are my favorite gifts to give! I picked 'inspire' for my cooperating teacher,  'joy' for the integration aide in my class (this could not have been more perfect for her!), 'shine' for my students' french teacher, and 'thrive' for the school principal!
And of course, I threw some cookies in! I boxed some cookies up for teachers and I put some in bags for my fellow student teachers as a little 'Yay! We did it!' treat. I baked shortbread cookies and gingerbread cookies and I've linked both just in case you want to make some to enjoy!
I talked about these book marks a couple of weeks ago, but here is the almost finished product! I glued each bookmark on cardstock then I wrote a little message to each kiddo and laminated them. The end result was cute the kids were so happy to get a little something from me!

And now, I have to talk about some other last day fun...
First of all, lunch was provided for the student teachers on our last day and our names were written on each of our food boxes. We spent half of lunch laughing over how poorly our names were spelled! I know that Mackenzie has a variety of spellings but I have never seen it spelled like this before! I think this guy is giving Starbucks a run for their money!

And finally, so many cards from sweet students! I have a pile of these just waiting on my desk - I don't knwo what to do with them but I know I need to keep them forever (and ever!). Any ideas on storing student cards? I would love any suggestions! :)

See you tomorrow with a recipe for gluten free naan bread!

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