Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Soundtrack to my Life So Far

Music has always been like a marker of time for me. In fact, it is almost easier for me to think about my life in music than it is in years. I had to draw a pretty serious time line to figure the actual year that I listened to all of these songs. The music part was easy! 
This post got a little longer and more intricate than I was initially intending. And about some of the music... I just don't know what to tell you! Just roll with it all, ok? And let's not talk about the Akon that I was listening to when I was 11 ;)
- I'm starting from the very beginning; when I first started requesting music. These are my earliest memories of music! (1999-2000?) - When I grow Up by Michelle Shocked, Sunday Morning After by Amanda Marshall & American Pie by Don McLean.
(Then there's a huge lapse in time, that I just couldn't fill without including kid's music! I listened to a whole lot of Raffi when I was little, but I'll spare you for today!)
- Christmas 2004 - The Barenaked Ladies Christmas Album! (specifically, Elf's Lament & Jingle Bells)
- All through Grade two, three and four (2003/2004/2005) - All the Hilary Duff. My favorite's were Wake Up, Getaway and I Am. My best friend and I used to sing our hearts out to all the Hilary Duff! Hearing her music will always make me feel 8 again!
- When my family moved to our house (March 2006) - Powerless by Nelly Furtado, I'm Like a Bird by Nelly Furtado, Forget About It by Melissa O'neil & Alive by Melissa O'neil. I listened to these songs on repeat as I was unpacking and setting up my new room.
- Starting Grade 5 at a new school (Sept. - Dec. 2006) - Teardrops on My Guitar by Taylor Swift.
- When the Bean started requesting music (2007) - Bubble Toes by Jack Johnson & Around the Corner by Sarah Harmer (there's a funny story that accompanies that song! You can read it HERE).
- Taking the bus to school in Grade 6 (2007) - Too Little Too Late by Jojo My friends and I used to bring a headphone splitter so we could all listen to this song over and over.
- My first skating show (may 2007) - Best of Both Worlds by Hannah Montana & Singing in the Rain. I thought I was pretty awesome skating to Hannah Montana, but I have since seen video footage and it wasn't awesome. Like at all. 
- Grade 6 Grad trip to Quebec City (May 2008) - Sweet Esape by Gwen Stefani and Smack That by Akon. My friend and I borrowed a boy in our grade's iPod and listened to these songs for the whole ride!
- Graduation from elementary school (June 2008) - Forever by Chris Brown, Crank That Soulja Boy by Soulja Boy, 4 Minutes by Justin Timberlake and Madonna & Shake It by Metro Station.
- Fall 2008 - Fill Me Up by Shawn Colvin. I didn't love listen to this song at the time. I should say, I loved to hate this song! But my mom played it over and over again. Now, I love this song! 
- Figure Skating Practice (2008/2009) - Don't Call me Baby by Kreesha Turner and One of Us by Joan Osborne. There's always music playing during skating and these songs always make me think of skating when I was 12 & 13.
- First High School Dance (February 2009) - Stronger by Kanye West, Just Dance by Lady Gaga and Circus by Britney Spears.
- Grade 9 ski trip (February 2011) - Can't Believe it by T-Pain & Stuck in the Moment by Justin Bieber.
- Christmas 2012 - Love is Christmas. I listened to this a lot that Christmas!
- Last high school dance (February 2013) - Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Scream & Shout bu and Britney Spears
- Grade 11 Grad trip (February 2013) - the Pitch Perfect Soundtrack. We watched the movie, we sang the songs, we may have even had a 'riff-off' on the bus ride home.
- Convocation (June 2013) - You'll Be in my Heart by Phil Collins. My grade re-wrote the lyrics to this song and we sang it at our graduation ceremony. I will forever think of that moment when I hear this song.
- Prom (June 2013) - Started from the Bottom by Drake, the Motto by Drake & Get Lucky by Daft Punk.
- Getting my Driver's License (November 2014) - Hold Tight by Justin Bieber, All That Matters by Justin Bieber. I listened to a lot of JB when I first got my license! 
- Driving to School (2014-2015) - Lost Starts by Adam Levine, A Little Bit Stronger by Leighton Meester & Afire Love by Ed Sheeran.
- Maine 2014 (Summer Vacation) - There's Hope by India Arie & You and I Both by Jason Mraz.
- Skating Show (April 2015) - Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars, Shake it Off by Taylor Swift, Fireball by Pitbull & a fun disco remix that I can't for the life of me remember!  
- Those crazy 8 weeks in 2015 - Sugar by Maroon 5. This was a little period of time that I was way in over my head - I was skating at my home club 4 days a week, rehearsing for a skating show at a separate club 4 days a week and prepping my skating students for a show at yet another club 2 days a week. All while maintaining a full course load. If you were adding that up, it adds up to 10! I was at the arena 10 separate times in the span of 1 week! I listened to Sugar as I was driving to all of the arenas!! Yes, I'm glad those weeks are over but whenever I hear Sugar, I have fond memories of all the running!
- Maine 2015 (Summer Vacation) - Kelsea Ballerini (The First Time album - the whole thing!) This summer, my friend, Hannah and I discovered Kelsea Ballerini and we listened to her a whole lot!
- Spring Break 2016 - Love Will Find You by Kris Allen & Next Boyfriend by Lauren Alaina
- Getting my wisdom teeth removed (August 2016) - Drunk in Love by Beyonce. This song was playing just as I fell asleep with the anesthetic. Such a strange last memory - I didn't hear any other music after this! 
I'll stop there. The end of this list pretty much lines up with when I started blogging and since I share music regularly on my blog, I'll save you the repetition. If you are curious to know the current (and ongoing!) soundtrack to my life, you can always check out my Music for Monday posts. You can find those HERE.

See you tomorrow!


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