Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Blog Doesn't Write Itself...

Happy February! January felt like it was forever long, I am so excited for this new month! I have to be honest and say, I kind of forgot I was a blogger all day yesterday. This almost never happens to me, but last night at 10:25pm I thought Oh my gosh! I have to publish something tomorrow! Now, do I really have to post something, no! No one holds me accountable for my blog, other than myself. But I like posting everyday (of the week, that is!). I like my little blogging routine.

So I thought I would talk a little bit about how I blog and how I plan for blogging every week. Every week is different. I have a commitment schedule (school/work/skating) that is pretty consistent but there are always little changes in my weekly routine. Here is how I blog...

In my typical week, I blog the night before something goes live. All of my posts go live at 6:00 am. I am almost never up at 6:00 am, but I love that my post for the day can go up without me needing to press 'publish.' When I first started blogging (for the first week or so) I would blog on the day of. Meaning, I would get up for the day and the first thing on my to do list was to get a blog up. That meant editing pictures, writing content and editing a post. And I hated it! I found it a lot of pressure to get up & know that I had to work on content pretty early into my day.

As I was in those first few weeks of blogging, I did a ton of research and I kept reading the same thing over and over again - the most successful bloggers are doing a lot of real time interaction with their readers (responding to comments, posting blogs in 'real time', presence on social media...). So I felt some pressure to get my content out 'in real time' or when I was actually writing it. But this doesn't work for me, so right now, I'm doing what works for me. Eventually this might evolve, but for now, I need to work on my posts the night before, sometimes even days before!

I typically try to bake or cook a couple of things in a week that I know I can share over the upcoming weeks. Does this always happen? Heck no! Sometimes school work piles up and baking falls to the very bottom of my list. Also, sometimes my house just doesn't need more food in it. I find the weeks after Christmas the hardest - we've been inundated with sweets and food in general that I am just not in a position to add to the crazy pile up! So while my blog is meant to take a kitchen oriented stance, I stray from that often (like today!). At first, I really didn't like doing that! I would think to myself but I named the blog Connected in the Kitchen - I have to talk about the kitchen somehow. While yes, I do try to talk about something in the kitchen at least once a week, I have to remind my self that this is my online space - I call the shots!

Another little thing I should mention; some weeks, I am flooding with ideas and others I just feel drained. I guess much of what we tackle in life is like this. So there are some weeks where I am really excited about the content going live and other weeks where my focus is elsewhere and the blog is at the back of my mind. That being said, I really do my best to publish content that I am proud of. It's tough to find the balance between wanting to post everyday and wanting to post meaningful content. I have to remind my self put quality over quantity sometimes.

I just scrolled back through this post and noticed how long it's getting - sorry! I'll wrap it up! I think these are all just late night thoughts at this point. But the last thing I want to mention, is that even though I write my posts the night before, I check my blog often during the day. I make sure my post went up, I moderate comments and I plan for future posts. I love that I have the flexibility to check my blog when I need to during the day. I know that it goes up at 6:00 and I check it a couple times throughout the day when I'm free.

Ok that's it! I'm tired! I would love to hear from fellow bloggers - do you schedule your posts to go live at a certain time or do you publish content live?

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