Monday, March 12, 2018

Music for Monday: Hall & Oats

Hello Monday! Today is back to reality for me. I have a full day of classes and after a week on the beach, I know it's going to feel like a long day! Before I head off to class, let's talk music! I'm sharing one of my favorite bands today - Hall & Oates!! I have to admit, I wasn't even alive when Hall and Oates were releasing music but this is such a great example of the kind of music I listen to - some days it's current rap, some days it's broadway musicals and other days it's music that ages me about 20 years!

You Make my Dreams - Hall & Oates
Kiss on my List - Hall & Oates
Rich Girl - Hall & Oates
Private Eyes - Hall & Oates

If I am listening to Hall & Oates, I am most likely listening to one of the songs above. But sometimes, I do shuffle all of their stuff on Spotify!

I'll be back tomorrow to talk about stand up paddle boarding!

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