Tuesday, March 13, 2018

SUP board yoga

While we were away on Spring Break we did yoga on stand up paddle boards! If you follow me on Instagram or if you read my Friday Favorites post this is old news. We went last Thursday and we had the best time! I promise this is my last post about SUP board yoga! I'll share a little about our experience and share some pictures from our day. We had a blast!

We did SUP board yoga through a little company called The Salty Buddha - how cute is that? I mean, I was sold just on the name! The business is owned by a lady named Rachael and she is great! She was so helpful when we were starting out on the SUP boards (none of us had SUP boarded before) and she took us through a great little yoga session! She also snapped all of these pictures of us while we were out on the water! If you are local to Florida, or ever just visiting, I highly recommend checking out The Salty Buddha yoga!

We started with all of your typical yoga stuff. It was so interesting to learn how poses are modified on a SUP board. For instance, in the bottom picture we are in SUP board modified warrior 2! It was so cool to learn how to use the SUP board and surprisingly hard to balance! The yoga was less physically exerting (or demanding?) than I am used to but the balance work was tough! It took me so long to get comfortable on that SUP board!

I should also mention that I went into this super apprehensive! I am 100% ok with being in the water - swimming is no problem, but being on the water (especially the ocean!) makes me nervous! I don't really love boating and I thought I would be nervous on a paddle board but it was all good! You are so close to the water and it is so easy to make little adjustments based on your comfort level.
At the end of the session, the instructor let us run wild with our paddle boards. And by run wild I mean try some cautious stunts. The Bean went right into a bridge and she made it look so darn easy...
So I decided to give it a try! Can you see me in the background? Oh goodness! It was not as easy as the Bean made it look! I never made it into a bridge, I couldn't get my balance at all! I nearly fell right in the water so I went for something that is way more my speed...
The splits! Woo! It was still so different on a SUP board! I wouldn't say hard - technically you're doing the same thing. So your flexibility is not challenged but your balance is challenged BIG time!

The Bean hopped right into the splits too! Then, so did my mom! I was so impressed! I think she was too! Look at that victory stance!
Then, my dad showed us all up when he did a head stand! I was so scared he was going to fall in the water but he didn't even wobble!

We all left so excited about the experience - it was that cool! It was almost unbelievable! We did yoga on top of the water! I should also mention that none of us fell in! I almost fell in at the very end but the paddle board was very forgiving. I would do SUP board yoga again in a heartbeat! I'm already excited to rent on this summer at the beach!

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