Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Spring Break 2018 Recap

I was planning to share some of these pictures last week in my Friday Favorites but there were just so many! I decided to compile them all into a separate post, so today, a recap from my week in Anna Maria Island, Florida and I'm hoping to get a recipe up tomorrow - I'll do my best! School has gotten a little crazy since coming back from the break and I am finding it overwhelming to balance it all. I know that everything is temporary and this period of overwhelming crazy can only last so long. That being said, I will do my very best to get a recipe up tomorrow but it might just not be realistic. Stay tuned!

This is my favorite part about flying - the views! I love being able to see how land is organized and how the land changes as we move further south. The biggest difference is the snow! As we get further south everything turns from white to green! You can really see the snow disappearing! That's pretty incredible! I also love being able to feel the sun while we're still on the plane. The heat of the sun can be felt right through those thick plane windows and I love it!
I took this picture on our drive to our rent house for the week. I love seeing all of the palm trees in Florida! They are spectacular! We are lucky to have a lot of green space in Montreal but the type of green is so different! We definitely do not have any palm trees or cacti!

Our first and only plan for the week was to hit up the beach! Yes, we love to go shopping and visit some local shops but our number one priority is always the beach! Our daily beach routine includes lots of snacks, lots of sunscreen and lots of reading. We head to the waves as early as possible and stay as long as we can! This year, it got pretty chilly in the evenings! On Friday night my toes were freezing when I left the beach but I still had such a hard time leaving! I just love being there!

We took some fun pictures - there is something so magical about the sun and the water at the beach! I love how all of our beach pictures turn out! The second picture is of the Bean and I - look how tall she is! Ah! I knew she was catching up to me but I really don't have much height on her at all anymore! I'll have to start wearing really high heels!

We took an afternoon off from the beach to go to the Shiny Fish Emporium to paint sand dollars! We had the best time and our sand dollars turned out beautiful! They attach a ribbon to the sand dollar and spray glitter all over them! They look pretty fabulous!
I've always loved writing in the sand and my dad suggested that I write 'Connected in the Kitchen.' I'm not much of a shameless promoter but I did it and I'm glad I did! It's so crazy to me that this might actually bring reads to my blog! Imagine someone finds my blog because they read it on the beach - wild!
We left so early that the sun wasn't even up yet but we got to see the sun rise as we were taking off - it was incredible! I was exhausted but it was magical to see the sun rise!

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