Monday, April 16, 2018

Music for Mondays: You Rock my World

Hello, hello! Welcome to Music for Monday! In a little over 2 weeks, I am going to see Stars on Ice and I am beside myself with excitement! Stars on Ice is a national tour that figure skaters do after the Olympics. I can't wait to see the Canadian skaters who crushed it at the Olympics this year (in my humble opinion 😉)! I saw the show 4 years ago, but I think I'm even more into this time around! Well, all that to say I am so looking forward to seeing Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir and one of the songs they will be skating to just happens to be one of my most favorite Michael Jackson songs!

You Rock my World - Michael Jackson

 One of my skating groups skated to a Michael Jackson mashup at our show this year. So yes, I love Michael Jackson! But if I had to pick just one song, it would be this one! I have been listening to this song so much lately that my family was able to predict my song for this Monday! Hahaha I have had this song on repeat for the past 2 weeks! 

See you tomorrow with a weekend recap!

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