Friday, May 4, 2018

Friday Favorites: What a week!

Hi friends! Welcome to another edition of Friday Favorites! Every week, I link up with a few other bloggers to discuss some of my favorite things from the week and this week did not disappoint! So, without further ado, here is a little look into what's going on in my life...

1. On Wednesday night, I saw Stars on Ice and I am still glowing with excitement! The show was so good! I am always amazed to watch Canada's best figure skaters and they delivered last night! There were so many memorable moments! I adore my sport and I can't wait to share the whole evening with you next week! This whole evening has me reflecting on just how much I love skating - it really does have a huge piece of my heart and I am looking forward to sharing a little more about it in the future!
2. My tea party is this weekend! I have to admit I first wrote that sentence in all caps, but it seemed  a little obnoxious, so I backspaced and calmed it down a little! Writing in all caps is so not me but I might be that excited for this weekend! I loved the Bean's tea party so much and I know it will be even more special to have one with my friends! This June marks 5 years since I graduated from High School (um what? How did that happen?). Right before graduating, they had a grad tea for everyone in my grade (and yes, it was as fabulous as it sounds!). I thought it was so fitting to see some of my favorite girls from high school again over tea!
3. Remember this pie that I just couldn't stop talking about a couple of weeks ago? I am so excited to make it again this weekend for my tea party! I am going to try to make it into bars or maybe cupcakes...? I'm looking to make it easier to serve off trays at a tea party and I will definitely share what I end doing! I'm trying to make the food at this party completely vegan because one of my friends is vegan and it has been so fun to discover new recipes!

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4. Have you seen this video? I scrolled by this video on Instagram the other day and I am so happy I took a minute to watch it! I love Kate Middleton and I love that she uses her platform to promote good, especially when that good is for children! I have been loving all the excitement in the royal family lately - baby Louis & the upcoming royal wedding! When Kate and William got married I was in grade 10 and we got to go to the gym to watch a live stream of the wedding!

5. Our house is a mish mash of decor from a bunch of different seasons right now and I need to get it under control today! We have a little bit of Valentine's Day still up (that is coming down pronto!) a little bit of Spring stuff (which I will likely leave out but just reorganize), some Easter stuff (oh gosh! I know! It's time to go!), a little bit of decor still up from the Bean's party and a cinco de mayo quote on the chalkboard in our kitchen! I mean, could I possibly have another season on display in the house? I love decorating seasonally but I always get a little overwhelmed in the Spring! Today is the day, though! 

Have a fabulous weekend!

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