Thursday, June 28, 2018

A Tea Party Game

When I posted about the Bean's tea party back in March, I shared the details about the decor and the food in one post, then I talked about the games in a separate post. Most all of the games are ones that I had posted about before, so I was able to link to a detailed description. But, one game was a new one that we found just for this party! We called it the -tea game and used words that end with the 'tea' sound (even though most of them actually end with -ty).

To prep for this game before the party, all you'll need is a list of words that end with the 'tea' sound. I printed out a list and kept it organized with all of other party games. I will share the set of words that I used, but note that I used these words with 13-14 year old girls, you might need to choose some different words depending on your audience! All I did was Google words that end with 'ty' then I chose a bunch of words from that list and noted them along with their definition. I tried to choose words that were age appropriate, but I also tried to choose definitions that were age appropriate! I wasn't searching through the Oxford dictionary for these definitions! Heck, I even used the Urban dictionary for one definition!

Below is the list of words that I used. Feel free to use this list exactly or make adjustments as you see fit!

Responsibility - Being accountable or to blame for something. Having the duty to deal with something.
Acidity - The level of acid in a substance. The bitterness or sharpness of a person’s tone. The opposite of alkalinity.
Auntie - The sister of one’s mom or dad, or the wish of one’s uncle.
Beauty - a combination of qualities, such as shape, color or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.
Booty - a slang word for butt.
Celebrity - a famous person.
Cavity - a decayed part of a tooth.
City - an inhabited place of greater size, population or importance than a town of village.
Community - a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.
Crafty - skill in making things by hand - usually creative things.
Cruelty - behavior that causes pain to others. Indifference of pleasure in causing pain or suffering.
Curiosity - A strong desire to learn or know something. A strange or unusual object.
Honesty - A quality of being truthful.
Dusty - Covered with grit. When you have not wiped down the shelves in a long time.
Electricity - A form of energy existing from charged electrons and protons
Feisty - Lively, determined, courageous. The singer of the song 1234.
Fifty - The number equivalent to the product of 5 and 10.
Immaturity - not fully grown. Behavior that is appropriate for someone younger.
Lefty - A left handed person
Reality - The state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to the idealistic notion of them.
Tasty - having a pleasant flavor.

I split the girls up into 2 groups up based on how they were sitting. In the past, I've definitely gotten more creative with splitting up the groups, but this time I just put one side of the table against the other. The girls were still snacking on some tea treats and it was much easier to divide them up based on how they were seated. I also usually try to be cautious in splitting up the teams to make sure every girl knows someone and feels comfortable with someone on their team (especially when we have a mix of girls from dance, high school & elementary school). We had a great grouping of girls at the Bean's party this year and they just made it easy - they were all super easy going and it definitely made my job easier! 

When the girls were split into two I quickly gave them the run down - I will read a definition and they have to tell me what work I'm defining. I gave them an upside down pot and a wooden spoon to hit when their team could give me an answer - big mistake! I'm definitely on the look out for a quieter buzzer! But if you have no other options the pot and wooden spoon totally works. When one team has an answer, they hit the wooden spoon and they have a chance to guess the answer. 

This game quickly descended into madness of girls hitting on pots and yelling out words! Ah! But, they had fun! You could bring as much structure to this game as you like, but if you want to let yur guests get loud, go for it!
My goal was 20 words, and I ended up with 21. I wanted to keep the girls engaged without overwhelming them with too many words. I think we had just the right amount, but the girls whizzed right through my list! This game lasted about 5 minutes (maybe less!). 

I hope you have fun with this game!

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