Friday, November 9, 2018

Friday Favorites: Crusing Through November!

You many have noticed by my lack of posts lately how crazy busy I am. Most often it feels like I'm in a hundred different places at once. Blogging has been such a fun outlet for me and I am so looking forward to my schedule opening up so I have a little more time to blog. I love sitting down to share my favorite parts of the week on Fridays so here is my little weekly round up...

1. In just a matter of days we are starting a big renovation around here - ah! It feels like we've been right on the verge of starting this reno for weeks, but last minute roadblocks kept popping up! We are finally approaching the start day! Crazy town! We're doing a pretty big update and I am so looking forward to the finished product! I'm sure I will share little updates along the way.

2. I'm getting to do a lot of music this semester and I love it!! I grew up playing the piano and the trombone and I have missed having music in my life. This semester, I'm in a class where I'm learning how to play the ukulele and it is so much fun! Singing and playing at the same time is like some kind of wild circus act but I am finally getting the hang of some chords! Let it Be has been my jam on the ukulele lately.

3. My skating kiddos this year are the best EVER!!! I know I brag on these kids every week but they continue to impress me! Having 3 and 4 year olds on the ice is a challenge but they are so cute all the work is worth it! I love getting to hang out with the cutest pre-schoolers in town every week!
4. Remember when my family watched Gilmore girls, the New Girl, then Jane the Virgin all together? Well, now we're tackling Friends! I've heard so much hype about Friends and I am glad we're finally watching it - we are loving it! My favorite character by far is Marcel the monkey. He cracks me up!
5. This weekend, I'm off to see the Thank You Canada Tour with my mama! The tour is Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir's way of saying thank you to their Canadian fans after years of support. And I am so there for it! I got tickets for my birthday and I cant wait to see my favorite figure skaters grace the ice again!
6. Did you catch this recipe on Tuesday? It's a Fall Harvest Salad with Pumkin Dressing - so perfect for this time of year, no? It's our favorite salad lately, we just cant get enough! We've brought to a couple of pot lucks and it's a crowd pleaser!
7. So many favorites today, but I couldn't resist sharing just one more. I watched my first Hallmark Christmas movie this week and it was holiday perfection! The first one of the season always has an extra special feel to it. I watched 'Christmas Incorporated' and it was so full of holiday cheer, I loved it! So charming and cozy - a classic Hallmark holiday movie!

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Happy weekend, friends! Come back on Monday for music!


  1. Can't wait to hear about the skating! ... also, that salad looks amazing! xox

    1. Yes! Let's get together soon to talk skating and eat salad ;)