Thursday, January 17, 2019

California Days 5 & 6

Hi friends! I'm back for another recap from my trip to California and we're getting close to the end. I have one more recap post and that's it! It's been fun to look back through pictures from the trip and share them all with you. Today, I'm sharing what we did on days 5 and 6 of our trip. A little heads up - these were our most quiet days.

We kicked off say 5 with a big sleep in. I say sleep in lightly because I did not deal with the time difference well! I never slept passed 7:30 (which is 10:30 Montreal time) except on New Years Day when I slept in until 8:00. After a late (late!) night at Universal, we all needed a slow morning to refresh. We kind of used all of New Years Day to recuperate.

We did some shopping and had my Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas for dinner (recipe HERE). I was excited to check out Carrie Underwood's athletic line. I'm not actually that into celebrity merchandise but I have heard great things about her athletic wear! And, it so did not disappoint! I picked up a couple things that have been great to skate in. She has great layering options and her whole line transitions well from workout to everyday wear.

The highlights of day 5 were picking up new workout clothes, having yummy fajitas for dinner and playing Uno with our friends. My Dad got Dos (the updated version of Uno) for Christmas, but we just could not figure it out. We tried playing a couple rounds but ended up sticking with good old Uno!

I promise day 6 had a little more action than day 5! On this day, we went to a dog beach (insert a very nervous me here), we went skating (way cool) and we went out to dinner (my favorite dinner from our trip!).

Our first stop of the day was at a dog beach in San Diego. I know I have mentioned this on my blog before but dogs make me overwhelmed so this was not my favorite beach in the whole world. Put me on a beach with 50 dogs running around and I probably looked like a frantic mess - I was trying to keep an eye on all the dogs at once. That being said, the beach was beautiful and I am so glad we got to see a little bit of the Pacific Ocean!

Luckily after the dog beach we headed to a place where a feel much more at home - a skating rink! But, this wasn't any old skating rink! This rink was outside in San Diego and it was surrounded by Palm Trees - it was as incredible as it sounds!

Yes, I was missing my own skates like something fierce but I was so glad to get a little ice time in! Skating in California - truly a once in a life time opportunity! We had such a great time and I sure won't forget this anytime soon! Skating next to palm trees was definitely one of the highlights of the trip!

After skating, we went to my favorite dinner of the whole trip - we went to BJ's brewhouse in San Diego. I was so hungry after skating and this place totally delivered with a delicious burger and fries! 

Thanks for reading! I'll share the last 2 days of our trip next week (Disney & Vineyard!). See you tomorrow for favorites!

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