Friday, January 18, 2019

Friday Favorites: It's Really Winter!

Happy Friday! Winter got off to a slow start in Montreal this year. For weeks I've been wondering when it will actually get cold and really snow. Montreal has been known to have some pretty treacherous winter conditions but so far, we haven't had much of anything. The temperature hasn't dropped too low and there hasn't even been hope for a snow day. That all changed this week - the temperature dropped (a little too low for my liking - it's freezing!!) and we have lots of snow in the forecast this weekend! I actually love winter weather and am so excited for the snow this weekend! Let's get into some highlights from my week...

1. On Wednesday, my Drama in Education class went on a field trip. There are 2 crazy things about that sentence - I haven't done drama or been on a field trip since high school! It has been 5 long years since I've been on a field trip and I really did forgot how nice it is to switch up the traditional learning environment! I went to the National Theater School in Montreal and it was a dream! I love theater and I especially getting to see behind the scenes secrets. This field trip did not disappoint at all. I walked away with great ideas to incorporate drama in an elementary classroom. And a little added cool factor - Sandra Oh went to this school!
2. I finally got to try a recipe from Cara Reed's Decadent Vegan & Gluten Free cookbook and these cookies turned out so good! I made the Pecan Sandies. They are kind of like a shortbread cookie but the pecans a little added flavor! My family has been enjoying these all week long and I am so looking forward to sharing the recipe next week!
3. On Wednesday, I posted one of my favorite recipes ever. It also happens to be the easiest recipe ever. I have long loved honey Dijon chicken and I was so glad to finally share the recipe on my blog! This is such an easy meal to add into your weekly meal planning - it comes together quickly, it tastes great and it makes the best leftovers! You can find the recipe HERE.
4. Apparently this post is all about the food in my life lately and I have one more treat to talk about - macarons! I made some macarons to mail to some friends and family and they actually worked! Last time I made macarons it was a bit of a nightmare but I pulled it off this time! These are not the easiest treat to make but they sure look cute and I just love putting a little treat in the mail! I have my fingers crossed hoping that these arrive to their destinations without too much damage! 
5. Yesterday, I talked about my love for Carrie Underwood's athletic wear and this is hands down my favorite purchase. I work out and work in cold arenas and this shirt has been the perfect layer without being too bulky! It's light and easy to put on over another shirt but it is so warm! I also love the neckline! Often, shirts that I wear to skating have a bit of a scoop neck which is all good but it makes for a cold neck! I love the extra coverage this long sleeve provides. I know I will be wearing this shirt on repeat to all of my various arenas!

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I hope your weekend is full of happy! See you on Monday!


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    1. Thank you so much, Lacey! Have a great weekend. :)

  2. Your cookies look so delicious! I live in Minnesota and we have lots of snow and very cold weather too! I, on the other hand, am not a fan of the snow and cold :) I will have to try out Carrie Underwoods clothing line, that top is cute!

    1. Thank you! I think Montreal and Minnesota have similar snow storms in the forecast for this weekend - stay warm :) I have been loving Carrie Underwood's stuff - I highly recommend it! Happy weekend!

  3. I can say that the macarons taste as good as they look!
    Tasted as good as they look...all gone :P