Friday, March 1, 2019

Friday Favorites: Hello Spring Break!

There is so much goodness going on around here - I'm headed off for Spring Break, I'm totally figuring out teaching grade 5 and we're getting some Spring like weather in Montreal! As per my Friday usual, I'm linking up with some other bloggers to share some highlights from my week.

1. Y'all - I haven't had a pancake in over a year. Since quitting gluten, dairy, eggs, etc. I haven't had a pancake and I REALLY missed them! This week, I made myself pancakes using GoGo Quinoa's gluten free & vegan pancake mix and they were pretty darn fabulous! I added in some blueberries while the pancakes were cooking, then topped the pancakes with maple syrup and it made for the most perfect breakfast! We've tried a couple other GoGo Quinoa products and I love them all!
2. This week was carnival week at my school, so there are a million things going on - assemblies, dress down days, buddy day, kindness day, crazy hair day.... But, my favorite thing that happened was the door decor! Every class had to decorate their door for kindness and there are so many creative doors in the school - it is so fun to walk down the halls right now! Our class chose this balloon theme, and I forgot to snap a picture of the finished product but it turned out SO cute! My students drew and cut out a school to stick under the balloons - kind of like the school is attached to the balloons and floating away. I love the way the door turned out and it is such a great reminder to see every morning!
3. Last weekend, my family went to Vermont and I got to visit some of my favorite places. There are a couple of places that we don't have in Canada that I looove to visit every time I'm in the States. The first of these American specialties are Chipotle! I know I've raved about Chipotle before on my blog. Heck, I would talk about Chipotle in every single post if it didn't make me seem crazy (I love it that much!). I always order a burrito bowl and I love every bite of it!
4. Where else do I hit up? Trader Joe's! I'm pretty obsessed with Trader Joe's. I could wander through their aisles for hours and never get bored! They have so many fun finds and they have such great allergen friendly options. If you are curious about what I put in my cart at Trader Joe's, I did a haul earlier this week. you can see it HERE.

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Happy Friday & Happy March! I'm unsure about whether or not I will posting blogs while on Spring Break - I might pop in for a little post, but I will definitely be taking it easy next week to enjoy some beach time!

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