Monday, December 5, 2016

Music for Monday: On this Winter's Night

There are only 19 days until Christmas - that's 2 more Christmas Music Mondays (not including today's)! I have so many holiday songs that I want to share, I should have started sharing in September! The song that I am sharing today, is one that my mom discovered last year and it was my absolute favorite song last Christmas. I have to admit I kept listening to it all through the winter, because it is kind of less Christmas-y and more winter-y - I will likely do that again this year! :)
On this Winter's Night - Lady Antebellum
I love the piano in this song! This was at the top of my Christmas 2015 playlist, because I would so often put it on repeat as I was baking or wrapping presents! I just love it!!

See you tomorrow with a recipe that my family has fallen head oven heals for :)

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