Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Top 5: Quotes Edition # 7

When I was in my very first few days of having a blog, I was searching everywhere for things I could post about. One of my friends suggested I share my top 5 favorite things that fit under different categories. I have talked about my top 5 favorite...
TV Shows 
Nail Polish Colors
& many others!

Although I have shared my top 5 favorites that file under many different categories, I always come back to quotes! I love reading quotes on Pinterest and I love sharing quotes! While I do love sharing quotes, I am totally open to other suggestions for Top 5 posts! What are other Top 5 posts I could do - Do you have any ideas?

I am a total home body and I am really trying to recharge in the home time I've been having lately! Teaching is no joke (do I just say this over & over?) I am continuously astounded by how much it takes out of you! At the end of the day I really just want to be home! I've been treasuring my weekends and evenings!

I pinned this as a reminder recently. It is so often easier to just follow the crowd and I am not always good at being a voice, but I'm working on it!


Last Fall, I set a goal for myself to get all A's in school and I almost achieved it! I got all A's except for one A-! I was so bummed! I immediately started planning how I would adjust my studying routine so that I could achieve my goal during the next semester. I made lists, filled in my calendar and I searched through motivational quotes until I stumbled upon this one.

After reading this quote, I decided I would put all of this effort into bettering myself and growing as a person instead of trying to achieve a certain letter grade. I am continuously working towards becoming more authentic, more gentle and more grounded.


And while I am working on grounding myself, I am trying to 'go for it' more often! 'Better to be safe than sorry' is totally my motto, but I am trying to be a little more free and realize that there is safety within adventure!

This one is not easy! But everyone does have light in them and I am finding that the more I look for it the more I find it! It is so much easier to be a positive presence when I am looking for the good in others!

I hope these words inspire your Wednesday!

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