Monday, April 29, 2019

Music for Monday: Lost

I'm on the train back from my Toronto weekend, so this post is going up a little later than usual. But, this song is so good, I couldn't wait to post it. I listened to this song the whole train ride to Toronto and I might just listen to it the whole way home. I love it that much. There's something so magical about this song and I just can't get enough.

Lost - Dermot Kennedy

I wasn't able to insert the music video, but I highly recommend you open a new tab and watch it because it illustrates something I am so fascinated about - what I like to call the 'everybody's got a story.' I remember the very moment I understood this phenomenon. My grandpa had just died and I was standing in my kitchen looking out the window seeing people walking their dogs and biking with their families and I thought how? How is it that someone's world can be crumbling but everyone else just keeps moving? 

I think I grew in tenderness that day. I think I am better able to look at people and appreciate that they have a story too. I've always treasured Amanda Marshall's song 'Everybody's Got a Story' because it so perfectly depicts this part of life. And, Dermot Kennedy's video provides such powerful imagery to how we all move through life only seeing a fraction of what other people go through.

My train ride will be full of Dermot Kennedy today & I'll be back tomorrow with a fun post!

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